Aluminum Extrusions and all related Value Added., CNC Milling, Welding

The really great manufacturing network I’ve built. The NTMA cares about my business and success.   

I also enjoy the networking opportunity with others from the DFW area and the full National network. The ability to connect with others shops from East to West and North to South really give a great spectrum of manufacturing in the USA.

Very well. We implemented key safety protocols and PPE. We were also lucky enough to also have a fair amount of space in our facility to social distance.

As order are delayed, machines breakdown and customers get irritated, it is key that a leader maintains a calm and positive attitude to help guide the team through the storm!

The continued pursuit and support of developing employees of tomorrow.

Fastener Inspection Equipment and Dimensional Calibration Services

Probably 15 years at least

  • Chapter Meetings/Events – Events and meetings that take place at another manufacturing company where we can take a tour and check out what things other people are doing.
  • Networking – I enjoy talking with others and building relationships

I liked the Ranger Game night.  I know that meeting have to have some order to them, but I prefer the social aspect of the meetings over the “sit in a room and listen to someone talk about stuff” meetings.  The ones that stick out in my head are the talks we got from the Federal Reserve, and the talks we got from the councilman.  If they were educational or topical related to machining or something that we all could relate to and learn from, I think those would be better.

Selling the same products and services, just adding incentives and finding other ways to drum up the same business…be better than the other guy and have the ability to prove it.

That I drastically need help, and that tomorrow comes faster than you think.

The relationships in the machining industry.

I hope that manufacturing grows, but with the current administration, I’m not holding my breath.  We were on a good trajectory before Covid.

Machining and Fabrication

The ability to build relationships and have a network of manufacturers around you that understand manufacturing.

Networking with others who are in the same mindset.

Opportunity abounds, more technology driven solutions to couple with mechanical need.