The investment an Associate Member makes in the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of NTMA (SFBA NTMA) provides opportunities for mutually beneficial enterprise building and collaboration. Our Associate Members share our vision and mission to support precision custom manufacturing in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Associate membership is open to any individual or entity which is interested in the purposes of the SFBA NTMA, but which does not qualify for Regular Membership per the bylaws.

Current SFBA NTMA Associate Members

Champion Risk- Glenn Van Noy

Selway Tool- Pat Hayes

CNC Solutions- Jim Selway

Keramida – Jodie Crandell

Western Tool- Jerry Gearadot

SODICK – Fred Tidmore

Schnitzer Steel- Christian Nordhausen

Renishaw- Dan Green

Joseph Goldstein, ESQ

Federated Insurance, Jim Brown

Our Associate Members partner with SFBA NTMA in this unique forum where precision custom manufacturing business owners work together to exchange ideas, solve problems, build enterprise, and influence the way business and government operates now and in the future. Our partners work with us in these efforts by providing support necessary for our members to grow and scale a successful business.

As an Associate Member, annual dues support the mission of the San Francisco Bay Area NTMA Chapter, including but not limited to advocacy, advice, education, networking, information, programs and services.

The SFBA NTMA relies on the continuous support and participation of Associate Members. An Associate Member application shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for review and approval, a favorable vote of two-thirds of the Board of Directors present at the meeting or by proxy, shall be required for acceptance of the application. It is at the sole discretion of the Board to approve or deny membership. Annual Associate Membership dues are established by the Board of Directors and shall be reviewed annually.

Associate Member Benefits

  • Public recognition of your company’s leadership in effecting a positive impact on the economy in the SF Bay Area.
  • Your business listed on our website with contact names and links back to your company website.
  • Published articles about your business promoted on our website and to our members. Your blogs, stories, newsletters, and events are promoted by the association.
  • List of names and contact information of current members in electronic format.
  • Active promotion of your company on multiple channels among SFBA NTMA constituents including members, associations, alliances, partners, influencers, and the media.
  • Direct access to custom precision manufacturing businesses as potential clients at SFBA NTMA events, held throughout the Bay Area.
  • First right of refusal on sponsorship opportunities including taking part in meetings where you may address our industry members.
  • Annual Associate Membership dues are $1,250.00; this includes the sponsorship of a Bay Area educational institution.
  • Additional advertising and sponsorship opportunities shall be available during the year. These opportunities will be made available to Associate Members on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Any additional advertising or sponsorships costs shall be in addition to the Annual Associate Membership dues.
  • Educational institutions (Schools, College, Technical Center, etc) may apply as Associate Member under the Education Category and have the Associate Membership fee and the member sign-up requirement waived.