NTMA-U is our very own FREE online training portal for our North Texas Chapter Members.  Do you have employees that you’d like to “up” their skill set? Do you know prospective employees you’d like to hire but they just lack the skills you really need?  This is your time to jump in with both feet and solve those training issues to get your company ready to both grow NOW and in the future with the right employees.

NTMA-U is an innovative program of online education that bridges the gap between traditional degree programs and skills-based certification curricula. Through agreements with participating colleges, students can take courses online and earn credits toward an associate degree, as well as gain the knowledge to complete their NIMS written exam while building valuable industry-specific knowledge. The curriculum is customized and tailored to the needs of NTMA members, with textbooks and online training guidelines that have been developed by the association members specifically for this program.

Sponsorship award presented to NTX Chapter for our participation in the Best Robotics Competition.

*Tuition is FREE for all North Texas Chapter Members

*Books are the responsibility of the sponsoring member

*Course descriptions 

Enrollment is OPEN NOW!!

JUMP IN for your company!

If you have any questions prior to enrolling email: ntxchapter.ntma@gmail.com.

Scholarship Program

Help support our local students going into manufacturing careers! Every quarter, we choose a worthy student to receive a $250 donation towards tuition, books, or living expenses. You can help us fulfill this need with a recurring or single time donation.