The NTMA North Texas Chapter Offers Two Types Of Membership


Any Business entity whose primary business is the designing, manufacturing, repairing, or assembling for sale of dies, jigs, fixtures, tools, molds, gages or special purpose machinery or who performs precision machining on a contract or custom basis is eligible to be a REGULAR MEMBER of this association.


Any firm, person, corporation, or other business entity not eligible for regular membership, but which is regularly engaged in providing trade related services, equipment, or materials to the tool, die and precision machining industry is eligible to become a Member of this Association. Industry Partners are subject to a vote by the Board of Directors and are regulated by a regular member -to-associate member ratio. Please click below.



Expand your network, increase your connections, and grow your business. The number one benefit that we hear from members is the opportunity to network with other members. With a variety of events, seminars, educational opportunities, and social gatherings, you’ll have plenty of chances to expand your manufacturing network.

NTMA North Texas Networking Event


Who speaks for small- and medium-sized manufacturers among policymakers? Only NTMA.
From state legislatures to Federal agencies, from local authorities to the White House, the actions of those in government can do a great deal to help—or hinder—one of America’s traditional economic strengths. So we at NTMA fight for fair trade and sensible regulation, and against unfair competition and harmful legislation.
In an environment where many incentives act to send key pieces of our economy overseas, where foreign competitors can trade unfairly through dumping and currency manipulation and where ill-considered taxes and regulations can stifle American manufacturers—or cause them to fail entirely—NTMA is sorely needed.
Only your support of our efforts—through NTMA membership and financial partnership—can keep American manufacturing strong and growing.


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PartnerShip®, the endorsed shipping management provider of the NTMA, helps all NTMA members save on every shipment they send and receive. Members who enroll in the NTMA Shipping Program save on select FedEx® services.


The National Tooling and Machining Association has endorsed APPI Energy to provide data-driven procurement solutions that reduce and manage electricity and natural gas supply costs for members on an ongoing basis. Every day, APPI Energy identifies the wide range of energy supplier prices across the U.S., and utilizes that data to provide the lowest prices available among many vetted, competing suppliers. One member have saved on average $3000 per month with this service.


By combining your observations with those of others, you can arrive at an entirely new understanding of market conditions and trends. That’s the promise of NTMA’s market research services. By surveying the marketplace—and your peers—we can offer a valuable, big-picture perspective.
We offer the Business Conditions Report twice each year to help you understand where your best opportunities may be, and what you may expect to face in your business.
Our Business Conditions Report contains survey results gathered from contract manufacturing companies—your peers—broken down by industry segment and geographic region, with comments and insight into current and expected business conditions.


NTMA conducts two benchmarking surveys annually – the Operating Costs & Executive Compensation Survey (in February) and the Wage & Fringe Benefit Survey (in September). These surveys result in valuable benchmarking reports – available FREE to survey participants.

NTMA Operating Costs & Executive Compensation Report (One Survey – Two Reports)

Operating Costs Report :

This report is a financial analysis of the custom tooling & machining industry. It can help you improve your financial results by establishing “typical” financial performance targets and by analyzing how “high-profit” companies in the industry achieve their success.

NTMA Wage & Fringe Benefit Report:

This Report examines high, low, and average wage rates for 37 job functions giving you better feedback than ever before for the range of competitive plant wages in your NTMA chapter, your region, by sales size and by line of business. The survey also covers fringe benefits offered for plant employees. This data is useful for recruiting and employee promotion

Executive Compensation Report:

Closely-held corporations are often the target of IRS “reasonable” compensation challenges. The Executive Compensation Report examines issues relating to reasonable compensation by analyzing the range of pay, including base salary, bonus, benefits & perks, that executives earn in the precision custom tooling & machining industry.


Together, the National Tooling & Machining Association (NTMA) and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) are committed to the continued success of you, who make things in America, and your employees. That’s why NTMA is always looking for ways to help make your job easier!

Now, thanks to the collaboration among NAM, Mercer and UnitedHealthcare, you can offer an easy and convenient, Fortune 500-type benefits buying and enrollment experience to your employees and their families: NAM Health Care.


To say it simply, the NTMA gets it. We understand your challenges in today’s economy. We recognize that many of you face a talent gap, with necessary skills in short supply. And we know that there’s a gap between the reality of our industry and the public’s perception of it.

But even more importantly, NTMA has the resources to do something about these issues. Our educational programs stimulate the talent pipeline. Our resources and roundtables help members share best practices and solve common business problems. And by speaking with one voice, we cut through media-generated perception to communicate reality to policy makers and the public.

American ingenuity isn’t dead. It isn’t in decline. It’s alive and well in the custom precision manufacturing industry.

NTMA stands for the future. We also stand with your peers. Will you stand with us–and your industry–today?